Welcome to the Harvard Club of Birmingham, a nonprofit educational organization serving alumni and the University throughout Alabama. Our vision is to create strong value for our members and for the communities in which we live, work, play, and invest. How does this happen? See here.

Our initiatives for 2019 and beyond focus on three complementary membership aspirations:

CURIOSITY Participate in life-long learning through discussions, tours, courses, and other enrichment activities.

COMMUNITY  Engage with our community through networking events, invited speakers, and collaborations.

CONTRIBUTION  Add value to our community through leadership opportunities, volunteer activities, raising awareness of tuition-assisted programs for study at Harvard, and interviewing high school student applicants to Harvard.

We invite Harvard alumni from all schools (not just the College!) to become a member and take an active part in leading and participating in the many events we have planned throughout the year. Please sign up through the Membership page. Also, interested members of our greater community are welcome to join our public events and contact us with ideas and suggestions.

Please access our 2018 Annual Report here. Download our IRS 501(c)(3) letter of determination here.

New to the area? Do these 3 things now!

  1. Connect with us! Please join our contact list today so you can stay up-to-date with all news and announcements. The larger our contact list, the more people we can reach directly with news and opportunities about our engagement in the community.
  2. Attend our events. We look forward to meeting you. Almost all events are open to the community; some that require a fee offer discounts to members.
  3. Join us as a member today to support our events and community service activities. Signing up through this site is not the same as membership, which confirms your support for our initiatives to connect Harvard to the community. The stronger our membership, the more we can do. Membership eligibility is shown on the membership page.

Please reach out to our officers with any questions you may have.

The Harvard Club of Birmngham is a 501(c)(3) educational charity. Please support our educational initiatives by donating here: