Our mission

We are on a mission to strengthen the Harvard community in Alabama.

The Harvard Club of Alabama is committed to strengthening the Harvard alumni community and bringing the educational impact of Harvard to more students in our State. We are pursuing this mission in multiple ways, all of which depend on your support. If you are a Harvard alum or current student, please consider becoming a member or donating directly to our charitable cause. Even a few dollars helps us achieve our goals!


Our strategy

We recognize that our alumni network is a volunteer organization, so we have spent considerable time and energy balancing engagement with sustainability. To that, we have focused the club in 3 major areas:

We are engaging, interviewing, rewarding and recognizing outstanding students and their Schools: This we accomplish through activities such as interviewing top students in the state, awarding the Harvard Prize Book (an annual program to encourage outstanding students to apply to Harvard), running programs to introduce Alabama jobs and opportunities to current Harvard students, and awarding scholarships such as the Ann Huntington Heldman Memorial Scholarship.

We are connecting Harvard alumni to build a more vibrant network: We are encouraging our nearly 1000 alumni in the State to connect and share their activities, ambitions, news, jobs, and other opportunities. In this way, we are building a more vibrant network to help our alumni build friendships and business relationships. 

We are raising awareness of the great opportunities in Alabama: Finally, we are raising awareness of the excellent work Harvard alumni are doing in the state and highlighting the excellent opportunities current students and those outside of the state can engage with to drive change here.