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Your ideas for engagement.

You don't have to be in Birmingham to propose events, and if you wish you can lead events wherever you are. Let us know what you would like to see or do. We are also looking for speakers who can present on their work. If you have ideas or suggestions, please email our Chair of Membership and Events, John Whitman.

We currently offer the following types of events:

Deep Dives: Free site visits to selected nonprofit organizations engaged in serving critical socioeconomic needs, including a tour and discussion with the CEO or a representative. These events typically last 2-3 hours. Alumni are invited to register first, then remaining seats are offered to invited guests. Deep Dives provide a learning opportunity for participating alumni. Here is what some  alumni and guest participants have said about Deep Dives:

I find that the Deep Dive initiative is a tremendous opportunity for the Harvard graduate who continues to seek knowledge, connection and interaction with a similar community, and aspires to make a difference in the the lives of those we serve. These were the same aspirations I had when I entered the Harvard College in 1971. These Deep Dive experiences remind me of the intrigue, energy and enlightenment I experienced with college tutorials or business schools case studies. The real difference in my experience today is that my 20 year old theoretical lenses have been replaced by actual living. I think my Harvard education is now really beginning to produce dividends! Raymond Osbun, AB '75
The Deep Dive to the Community Food Bank of Alabama was marvelously informative. For my birthday last June, I had decided to do a fundraiser on Facebook and selected the food bank to receive donations (anticipating that I could probably raise about $1000). Thanks to the kind donations of college classmates, we raised $2000. During the December Deep Dive visit, it was an incredible privilege to be treated to Executive Director Kathryn Strickland's comprehensive overview of the food bank's operations, challenges and opportunities. After our visit, I posted photos from the Deep Dive on Facebook and shared what I'd learned. One of my classmates donated *another* $2,000, to further the organization's work. This was great! Tracey Roberts, AB '88
I usually don't participate in the Harvard Club events, but the opportunity to engage at a high level with an organization doing work that is compelling to me is very special. The format encourages intelligent conversation and over the course of the event a rapport is established. The comfort and connection of being able to listen to and be listened to by the CEO promises real and purposeful involvement. In addition, among the group of bright, interesting, and impressive people the event brings together, serendipity orchestrates meetings that when given the chance, find the needle in the haystack, of the right person in the right place at the right time. The experience made me feel like I can make a difference. Daniel Thomas, AB '07
I thoroughly enjoyed the Deep Dive into the Community Food Bank. The meeting was very informative and as the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Having the ability to see the magnitude of the operation puts the problem of hunger in an entirely different perspective. David Hooks, Director of Innovation at The Edge of Chaos, UAB School of Public Health

Deep Dives to date have included:

Harvard Lunch and Learns: These monthly events feature an invited speaker (alumna/us, faculty, invited expert) to present on his or her work, followed by discussion. These events are free and open to Harvard alumni and guests. They are aimed to provide lifelong learning opportunities for participants. We are grateful to Protective Life for partnering with us to host these events at Protective Life headquarters.

Harvard Health Rounds: A free monthly event provides a forum for learning about and inspiring innovative solutions to key health-related problems.

Cultural Events: Opportunities to attend museums, symphony, theater, and more, and to participate in course discussions, book groups, and food and wine pot lucks.