It is a privilidege to serve in a leadership role with the Harvard Club of Birmingham. Helping to build a stronger community here in Alabama has a been true pleasure. It has been exciting to also see results from the past 2 years. Read more about our club in either our 2018 or 2019 annual reports.


Starting in 2020, my goal is to continue our momentum as a club but also to find a sustainable, scalable mission for us as a group in this great State. That's why we are using this year to achieve the following:


  1. Continue to build our community across the state. Recognizing that fully half of our alumni are not in Birmingham, we will be hosting events, working with our communities, and engaging students across the state regularly and will make this a regular function of the club. We will also explore renaming the club to reflect this statewide mission.

  2. Fund dedicated efforts to bring talent to Alabama. In order to do so we will elevate the amazing work being done here, the opportunities for leadership here, connect with talented alumni, and help leaders here in Alabama grow at Harvard. 

  3. Further organize our club. We have made great strides to organize the club and can continue to do so. This way future generations of alumni leaders can inherit a stronger foundation for impact.  

To achieve what we are trying to do in 2020, I cannot emphazie how important it is to support the club! 


I implore you to:


  1. Please become a member! Visit our membership page.

  2. Come to an event! Watch your email for events.

  3. Volunteer to help as an interviewer or board member! Email a board member to do so.

  4. Donate: 





Will Wright, COL '03

President (2018 - 2020), The Harvard Club of Birmingham